5 Best Group Activities to Do with Your Girl Friends

There’s nothing better than having quality time with your girlfriends. However, doing the same routine for every meeting might grow a little old. Luckily, there are a lot of activities that you can try that will spice things up and let you and your best mates experience new things together. Here are five things that you can plan for this weekend:

Movie and Game Night

Pick a place, prep the snacks and have fun watching movies at Netflix or playing board games and charades.


Social Sports

Put on your shoes and get going! From kayaking to mud run, sports are a great way to bond with new and old friends.


Clothes Swap

Who doesn’t love getting new clothes at no cost? Gather your pre-loved apparels and bring your friends for a fun swapping session.


Try New Recipes Together

Pick something that you can channel your creativity into, like cupcakes (decorating with icing and buttercream is never not fun!), cookies and brownies (with various toppings to put into), and cocktails.


Join an Art Class

From painting to resin jewellery making, there’s something for everyone.