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5 Comics – Written by Ladies, for Everyone

Don’t let the name fool you, man, woman or in between, the titles suggested below should only be judged by how intriguing the premise is, not by the author’s chromosomes. Whether you are unsure where to start in the massive world of comics, or if you’re already neck deep but would like to experience female written pieces, this list is a great place to start!

Bitch Planet

Think Orange is the New Black meets The Handmaid’s Tale, and you have this series set in a dystopian society,  following a group of “rebellious” females from (well exiled) earth for not sticking to patriarchal ideas, yepp you read that right.  A feminist read but it will undoubtedly spark emotion, passion and more from readers who who this hits close to home.


Giant Days

Susan, Daisy and Esther are three super different personalities thrown together as uni dorm neighbours where they find out they’ve got a lot more in common than what they thought. Follow a dreamer, a goth and a rather humourless girl as they explore life, IKEA trips, Tinder dates and the breakups that follow, this and so much more brought to life by illustrator  Lissa Treiman’s.


World of Wakanda

We have a Marvel one! A Black Panther spin off authored by Author Roxane Gay and poet Yona Harvey, you’ll get the to follow the story of two female lovers in the fictional African country; Wakanda. It’s the first Marvel series to be written by two black women (Wooh!), and is unapologetically political.


Black Magick

A detective and a witch, a good read for those who enjoy following a character through battles with balancing the duality in their lives. Australian illustrator Nicola Scott was at the helm for this one, bringing the investigation that blurred the lines between ‘muggle’ and magic for our awesome detective.



Curious name, I know but from the creator of Scott Pilgrim vs the World what do you expect? Now if the idea of a fashion blogger who isn’t sure if she’s committed a murder sounds like your jam then give this one a try! A plus if you’re also in internet fashion culture but can also enjoy the hyperboles.