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5 Movies With Dimension

If you’re looking for a movie with complex characters, little to no filters or rose-colored glasses then here are a few to get you started. Be warned, these movies are harsh, imperfect and some are raw and have parts that may be harsh to watch but they add so much dimension to the characters that you feel their development more than just hear or see it.

Erin Brokovich (2000)

Based on the real-life experiences of a legal clerk who pretty much threw convention out the nearest window, she eventually proves that she could display impressive skills and success despite odds against her. Oh and she does it all while being dressed less… ‘modestly’ than one would culturally expect from someone like her. She is by no means perfect and that’s what I think is so great about this movie, it’s more ‘real’ than what you would expect.

The Help (2011)

Most famous for it’s pie scene (if you’ve seen it you would have most likely cracked a smile there) this film is more on the feel good side than some of the others on this list. Although showing

The Color Purple (1985)

Following the life of a young black woman, this film centers around her struggles with the abusive men in her life and how she develops in the face of it all. There’s the black, the white and the grey areas so even if you may have studied this one in your high school English class, it’s worth a second or third watch. Every time I’ve watched this film, I’ve found one more thing that I missed last time, adding another layer of complexity to this story and it’s characters.

Whale Rider (2002)

Here you will witness a young girl trying desperately to prove herself worthy of her birth right to her male dominated Maori tribe, a birth right that has since only been awarded to the males of the lineage. She will struggle to change the hearts of those closest, including her uber conservative grandfather, who decides who the birth right is handed down to.

Men Without Women (2009)

Set in Tehran, as protesters try to the overthrow of the prime minister, three women try desperately to win their own personal freedoms within their homes. You’ll follow these characters as they deal their country’s oppression that trickles down into the domestic struggles that they face daily.