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8 Best Movies about Female Friendship

Lovers might come and go, but best friends stay forever: you’ve heard this saying, but is it actually true to you? The media we watch, such as movies, too often focus on the romance between a man and a woman rather than celebrate the important people that we sometimes take for granted: female friends. So, for movie night this weekend, why not get your female friends together and see something different? Here are 8 films that highlight the wonders of female friendships.

Thelma and Louise

Plot: Two friends embark on a road trip to get away from the men in their lives for a weekend.

Why watch it? It’s a classic – even 25 years after its release, it’s still relatable for all women. Funny and insightful, this movie will want to make you hit the road with your best bud.



Plot: A single woman with her career on the brink steps out of her comfort zone to serve as a maid of honour for her best friend’s wedding.

Why watch it? Finally, a film that shows what female friendships are actually like – brimmed with insecurities and un-ladylike behaviour, but also, warmth and love for each other.


The Sapphires

Plot: Four Aboriginal Australian women get scouted to form a music group and travel to Vietnam to perform for the Australian troops in the wartime.

Why watch it? In addition to great musical numbers, The Sapphires also offers a great story of women overcoming racism and relying on each other in facing problems.


Frances Ha

Plot: A New York woman finds herself growing apart from her best friend and roommate.

Why watch it? A prime case of mumblecore, this film is a realistic depiction of urban life and relationships.



Plot: A woman decides to fulfil his dying friend’s wish of finding their high school friends.

Why watch it? Sweet and nostalgic, this movie will make you want to host a reunion ASAP.


Ghost World

Plot: Two teenage outsiders find their lives turned upside down after they decided to respond to a man’s ad looking for a date.

Why watch it? The movie’s depiction of teenage girls’ friendship hits close to home in ways that common teen flicks will never do.


Muriel’s Wedding

Plot: Seeking to change her life, a small-town woman goes to metropolitan Sydney with her newly found friend.

Why watch it? An Australian classic, the movie shows what a genuine friendship looks like, with mutual care of each other.



Plot: A princess tries to find her sister, who disappears after her power/curse was revealed.

Why watch it? A great musical with a spin on the usual Disney ending – what more could you ask for?