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Being Safe with Scented Candles

Scented candles have become an increasingly popular gift choice for every occasion – birthdays, Mother’s Day, and of course the upcoming Christmas holidays. However, having candles Australia also comes with a risk of fire, especially during the hot summer season. Here we break down all things related to candle safety.

How Safe Are Candles?

In general, a candle by itself will not trigger fire alarms, unless it generates a lot of smokes near the alarm. However, when left alone, burning candles may tip off or set surrounding items on fire. Candle-related incidents are more common than you think – according to Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW), there were 154 candle-related residential fires around the state in the 22 months to April 2011. Meanwhile, South Australia sees an average of two candle-caused house fires every month.


How Can We Use Candles Safely?

A burning candle is an open flame – but that doesn’t mean you have to throw away all your stashes. Below are the tips provided by experts and authorities:

  • Place your candle in a sturdy, heat-resistant holder that can collect dripping wax.
  • Put your candle on a safe location with a stable surface to prevent it from falling over. Keep it away from flammable items such as drapes, bedding, carpet, books, and furniture.
  • Don’t place your candles where they might be knocked over by children, pets or the wind.
  • Always extinguish your candle before you leave the room or go to bed. According to FRNSW, a fire can start in just three minutes – so taking five seconds to blow off a candle will go a long way.
  • Just as you don’t run with scissors, you shouldn’t walk with a candle.
  • You can also try other candle alternatives, such as room diffusers, wax melts and electric candles.