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Best Gift Ideas for Kids

Looking for a special present for a little one, or need help picking out something for their friend’s birthday? Below are a few of our ideas for the perfect kids gifts that will go a long way…

Story Books

Nurture your toddler’s imagination with an illustrated story book! Take the time to read to them for a great bonding time. For a more immersive experience, try getting one with pop-up characters or embedded sound buttons.


Animal Plush

Who doesn’t love cuddling with stuffed animals? The soft, cushy texture of the plush makes it more durable than plastic and wooden toys and easier to take on trips and adventures.


Building Blocks

Unleash their inner architect/engineer with self-assembled toys like Nanoblocks, train sets, build-your-own kits and more. Most of these toys also come with directions, so if your kid feels stuck, there’s a clear way out!


Coloring Set

Encourage them to colour in and out of the box with some art tools – pencils, highlighters, crayons, paint set… the options are endless. Go the extra mile and pair these with a colouring book or a sketch pad!


Board/Card Games

Let your kid have some group fun with games that can be played with friends and the whole family. Our recommendations are Telestrations (telephone game with sketching), Scrabble, Memory Game, and of course the classic Monopoly.


Which one will you be getting?