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Best Holiday Towns near Sydney

Winter holiday is coming soon – where will you go? This is a great time to plan your getaway, the town you’ll visit and the house you’ll rent. It can also be a good investment opportunity, whether it’s for future family holidays or a possible source of income from renting the property out/listing it on AirBnB. Here are the best towns to have a house holiday in, all within a driving distance from Sydney!


Port Macquarie

With a median house price of $572,500, Port Macquarie real estate is not the most affordable among the holiday towns – but the vibrant culture of the town makes the price tag all worth it. Try your hands on water sports or take your time and relax at the golden beaches, or hike and bike among the lush rainforests. You can also visit the Billabong Zoo, play golf, farm rock oysters and many more – there’s something for everyone!


Batemans Bay

Located near Canberra, Batemans Bay is perfect for those who want to experience serene seaside living, ideal for fishing, relaxed walks and picnicking. Let the lush nature awe you at the town’s national parks and marine sanctuaries. The median house price is $370,000.



Only 90 minutes-drive from the heart of the city, Killcare is a perfect place for secluded getaways. The coasts boast breathtaking views of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The national park also makes a great place for mountain hiking, bushwalking and sightseeing. Prices start at $500,000 for 3-bedroom houses.



With a population of 1,500 people, Nabiac prides itself on its fantastic community life and warm, friendly locals. Expect country town charm, farm fun and close proximity to a beach (15 minutes-drive away). The median house price ranges from $354,500-510,979.