Cardi B Unveils Collaboration Plan with Fashion Nova

Cardi B’s love for the Insta-famous fast fashion brand is well-known – she gave it shoutouts in her song (“I could buy designer, but this Fashion Nova fit all that ass”) and social media posts (“Wanna know how rich people like me stay rich?” she said in a video. “By staying on a budget. These pants right here are Fashion Nova”).

Now, she is making money moves with a collaboration plan set to launch in October 2018.

The collaboration, which is the first for the online retailer, will include between 80 and 100 pieces, ranging from denim to dresses and outerwear.

“With Fashion Nova, they gave me the opportunity to design what I like and what I want to put out,” Cardi told Apple Beats 1. “[The collection]’s gonna be crazy because it’s what I like.”

“I can’t think of a better fashion icon for our first design collaboration than Cardi B,” said Fashion Nova founder and CEO Richard Saghian. He also said in an interview that Cardi is “one of our favorite partners because when she talks about Fashion Nova, she speaks from the heart”.