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Creating Your Skincare Routine: Best Resources

Skincare can be a little bit tricky. It appears that a new cult cleanser/moisturiser/serum/acne treatment pops up all the time, promising clear, even, moisturised, wrinkle-free skin. However, it is often not as simple as it seems. Every person reacts differently to each product – what’s a holy grail item to someone could be a sensitivity trigger to another. Still, reading up reviews can give us a good idea on how a product looks, smells and feels like, as well as the way it works for certain types of skin. Here are a few resources that you can consult for next time you’re thinking of adding something new to your skincare routine.


With more than 680,000 members, this Reddit community is burgeoning with knowledge, advice, product reviews and rants to commiserate with for every skin concern, from hormonal acne and dryness to psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. The wiki also provides information on a variety of common ingredients in makeup and treatment products, such as glycerine, dimethicone and retinol, so that you can read the label with confidence.



As a self-described “skincare community”, Reissue allows users to share their skincare routine as well as their thoughts on each product. If you follow the company on Instagram, they also share helpful infographics on popular ingredients, products and brands, including explainers, price comparisons and data-fied user reviews.


The Cut’s Why Is Your Skin So Good

Ever met a person and wanted to find out the secret behind their perfect skin? This column is a great manifestation of that feeling. Each week, the column finds a woman with fantastic complexion and dissects her beauty routine, from cleansing and toning to makeups and exfoliation.