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Do You Need Marriage Counselling?

There is no marriage without problems – but when it gets overwhelming, one of the things that couple can consider is to seek professional help. Marriage counselling is a popular option through which couples can manage their conflicts and differences. Here are a few ways to know when you need a third party help to resolve your relationship issues:

You Have Communication Issues

Communication challenges are a common concern in relationships, but that doesn’t make it less difficult to manage. If your communication leaves one or both parties feeling shamed, resentful, disregarded or wanting to disengage or withhold information, employing a neutral mediator can help you find new, positive ways to interact.

You Consider or Have an Affair

Thoughts of having an affair may indicate that there are shortcomings in the current relationship. A counselor can guide you in discussing your concerns and grievances to keep infidelity at bay. Meanwhile, a history of affair can make it hard for relationships to recover, but it’s not impossible. A counsellor can help couples navigate their ways in rebuilding trust, renewing commitment or moving on.

You Keep Secrets

If you consciously choose not to disclose some of your activities, be it making a huge transaction or meeting with another person, there may be some issues that you can resolve in a neutral territory. Working with a counsellor can help you dissect the reasons behind your keeping secrets from each other.

You Just Co-Exist Together

Feeling more like roommates than a romantic couple? A lack of intimacy and meaningful conversations may indicate that something is missing in the marriage, which a counsellor can help re-spark.


While professionally-trained marriage counsellors can do wonders to get your relationship back in track, it is important to remember that they serve as a guide and consultant rather than a fixer. Both partners need to put in the work and be patient in the process should they want to repair and save their marriage in the long-term.