Does the Domestic Violence Registry Protect Women?

Since 2015, the Australian government had announced that they would document all domestic violence offenders on a statewide register and that women will be able to check if their partner has been on the list.
With NSW being first to implement these changes, the registry promised to continue to protect women from their potentially dangerous partners.

This law registry dubbed “Clare’s law” in the UK — was created after Clare Wood, a 36-year old woman, was killed by her violent ex-boyfriend, even after she repeatedly reported him to the police.
A reporter from the Daily Telegraph writes “It gives women the “right to ask” authorities if they have concerns their partner has a violent history and had been used by more than 4000 women within a year of it starting in the UK. Of these women, more than 1300 ­received a disclosure about their partner’s violent history.”

But will this registry prevent more domestic violence incidents? According to Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia CEO Karen Willis, she says that “men who are abusive generally have a history”. She emphasises the importance of police crime checks in efforts to prevent further incidents. She writes that this registry will be created “for those entering a new relationships as it will allow women to find out their partner’s history.

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