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Easy, Affordable Ways to Treat Yourself

Maybe your birthday is coming up, or you’ve had a rough week, or you just feel like it. Either way, treating yourself is a great way to boost your mood and apply some self-care. Some methods are indeed more expensive than the others, but you don’t need to be a big spender to give yourself some pleasure. Here are some easy, affordable ways to #treatyourself…

Indulge in Bath and Body Goodies

Make a spa out of your bathroom with new, fragrant body wash, bath salts, scrubs and massage oil. You can also take the cosiness up a notch with scented candles or room diffusers. These products come in a wide price range, so you can pick whichever suits your budget the most.

Get Baking

A relaxing activity that yields cookies and cakes – what’s better than baking? Furthermore, making something handmade from scratch always gives you a sense of achievement. Go back to your specialty, or try out a new recipe just for the kicks.

Invest in New Stationeries

A fresh set of stationeries is fantastic for both school/work and pleasure. Take out your pens, notebooks and sketchbooks and try bullet journaling or drawing.

Go Out Alone

…and do whatever you want. Read a book at the park. Book a table for one at your favourite restaurant. Have a cup of coffee and do some people-watching from the café foyer. Get a ticket for that movie you’ve been wanting to see. Sometimes treating yourself just means doing something you like, without having to worry about other people’s needs.