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Five Most #Relatable Instagram Women

Being a woman is a weird, wonderful experience that is often underrepresented in the media. However, these Instagram accounts have made it easier to share and discuss moments that only women can understand. Here are five most relatable Instagram accounts for women:

  1. sarahandersencomics

Updated every Wednesday and Saturday, this account by cartoonist and illustrator Sarah Andersen is arguably the most relatable content about women and first-world issues on the internet.

  1. cassandracalin

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Calin’s graphic novel-style cartoon is both pretty and funny, incorporated with stories of everyday problems.

  1. chrostin

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A 20-year-old artist from Belgium, Christina used her fictional character Chrostin to brave the world and all its oddities.

  1. filthyratbag

Feeling a little less optimistic? Celeste Mountjoy’s account would be your relief; sometimes embracing the negativity could be cathartic, too.

  1. elizabethilsley

Never has your stream of consciousness look this beautiful. Mixing women’s inner thoughts with top notch aesthetics, Ilsley’s account is not to be missed.