Four Affordable Fashion Instagrammers to Follow

Fashion is an exciting way to express yourself and channel your creativity. However, it can seem like an expensive hobby with lots of expense to spare. But style doesn’t always have to be costly, and many enthusiasts have shown this to be true. Here are four Instagram accounts you should follow for the best budget fashion inspo…


Dianna Baros or the Budget Babe specialises in frugal fashion finds and casual outfit ideas – very relatable for everyday woman. Being stylish doesn’t have to come with exorbitant prices!



Blogger Tina Abeysekara provides elegant outfit ideas with pieces under $150. Because she is based in Sydney, Australia, you can easily model after her and find the clothes at common shopping destinations in your area.



Jeanette Johnson is releasing her first book soon, focusing on personal style with purpose.



Other than outfit posts, Audrey also shares various fashion tips, from fixing shrunken dress to ways of styling specific piece of clothing (e.g. blazer, olive jeans).