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How To Child-Proof Your Home

As a mum, you see the world as a dangerous place, including the things in your home. Every step your toddler or child takes, you feel anxious about the possible dangers or harmful risks they could run into when you’re not looking. Here are some tips to keep your children safe and prevent them from getting into any accidents inside your home.

  • Barricade parts of your home by using safety gates where you don’t want your kids to go to. For two-story homes, the top and bottom of stairs are ideal, as well as in the doorways of rooms with hazards. Safety gates that have expanding pressure bars should be avoided for the top of staircases. Hardware-mounted gates should be used instead.
  • Attach safety latches to all drawers, cupboards and even fridge doors to keep children from reaching for sharp objects or poisonous products.
  • Always face pan and pot handles away from the edge of the stove to avoid your children from grabbing them.
  • Hide all your toxic liquids and poisonous products such as cleaning products, detergent and even medication in a safe place that’s out of reach – ideally inside the highest cupboard or cabinet.
  • For further safety measures, cover sharp table corners with soft cushioning material such as foam. You can sticky tape pieces of foam on the edges of the table to avoid your toddler or small child from bumping their heads and hurting themselves.