The Importance of Self-Care and How to Do It

At a time when women are expected to have a “second shift” at home to take care of domestic tasks while also managing to perform emotional labour at work, self-care is more important than ever. The expectations of women to be caregiver does not mean that a woman should always put everyone else before herself. By caring for yourself first, you can sort out your priorities, stress less, be happier and, maybe, care for others too.

How can you perform self-care? Here are some of the ways:

  • Make time to chat with a trusted friend

Spend time to talk with a loved one in a relaxed environment. Not only will you maintain your friendship, but you could also get out of your daily ‘bubble’ for a while.

  • Learn something that you have always wanted to learn

For example, fencing, knitting, German language, decoupage, and more. You will develop valuable skills and feel good to have a new experience. Most of all, you don’t need to be a pro immediately – just enjoy the learning experience, take your time, and do it for yourself, not anybody else.

  • Create something new

Love writing, playing musical instruments or painting? Channel your inner artist and make something new, be it a song, a poem or a collage. It’s challenging, but in a good way – and more mindful than just scrolling through your smartphone.

  • Spend time outdoors

Most of our days now seem to be spent only on our desks, under a roof. Make time to actually walk out of the house, breathe the fresh air, stroll through your local park and listen to the birds tweeting – a little change of scenery might help a lot.

  • Exercise regularly

You might think, “I don’t have time for that!” or “I’m too tired!”, but exercising actually helps your health in many different ways – it makes you sleep better, and it boosts your endorphins.