Nivea Pulls “White is Purity” Ad Following Racism Accusations

Nivea has pulled its ad from Facebook after alt-right users hijacked the comment section.

The ad, promoting the brand’s “Black & White Invisible” deodorant, featured a woman with black hair facing away from the camera and the tagline “white is purity” in bold capital letters. The ad is also accompanied by a caption on the post, “Keep it clean, keep it bright. Don’t let anything ruin it”.

Netizens have called the ad “racist” for equating purity with whiteness, while alt-right users co-opted the brand and added comments such as “White power folks”, “We must keep the white pure” and “Mark my words, Nivea is about to get real popular real quick”.

Nivea’s US Facebook page commented on a concerned netizen’s post, “The recent post regarding Black & White Invisible Deodorant originated from the NIVEA Middle East Facebook page. The NIVEA Middle East advertisement was not meant to be racially insensitive. We sincerely apologize. The post has been removed. Diversity, tolerance and equal opportunity are fundamental values of NIVEA.”