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Relationship: How to Deal with Flaky Friends

You know that friend – the one who always bails at last minute, who changes plans all the time, who simply doesn’t show up without notice. It can be frustrating to deal with such inconsiderate friends, so here are a few tips to take:

Talk About It

Being open to your friend might help them realize their behaviour. Point out to the friend, in a non-accusatory way, that they have been cancelling a lot of plans lately, and that you and other friends are missing them. They might provide you with genuine explanation, such as a busy job or family issues. This talk can also help them realise that they have been letting people down, and consider the importance of the friendships they have.

Let Them Have Their Way

Your friend might not enjoy clubbing, or have anxieties when it comes to big parties. When making plans, make sure your flaky friend has a say in the activities involved. Getting your friend to participate in the decision making makes it less likely for them to flake, as the hanDgout will be on their terms.

Expect Less

It’s a bit sad, but sometimes your friendship will not be reciprocated in the same way. When all else fails, you can choose to simply distance yourself from the friendship. There’s not a lot you can do about people who don’t care about you or respect your time.

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