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Society: What It’s Like To Be An LGBT Parent

As rewarding as it can be, being a parent is often a difficult experience – let alone if you are LGBT. It becomes harder to go through stereotypes of gender roles and sexuality, and more complex to explain certain things to your children. Furthermore, the challenges posed by anti-marriage equality groups seem to reinforce the (misguided) belief that children would be harmed with LGBT parenting.

Luckily, many LGBT parents have spoken out on their experiences and struggles for others to learn and share.

Here are a few videos of LGBT parents talking about their experiences in raising their children and the issues that come with them.

Jarrett Barrios

“Being gay has opened me, helped me understand how one can be misunderstood, how you can be trapped in the lands of somebody else’s stereotypes.”


Tess and Nikina

“Yes, they have two moms. But we wanted them to know we are very active in their lives… in this small community so they get a positive view of what may be a negative view they hear from the media or what they want to hear from people who don’t like our lifestyle. We want their experience to be positive all the time of our family.”


Dashiell and Michelle

“I have dude friends who were like, ‘oh, you’re having a boy? I could teach him how to throw a ball’. I’m just like, ‘dude, I can throw a ball’.”


Bianca and Nick

“Our children do not see us as transgender people – we are ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy’.”