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The Natural Way to Keep Bugs Away

Spring is upon us and the little 6 legged pests that come with it, so if you would prefer to keep them out of your home without resorting to possibly harmful pesticides then you’ve come to the right place!

So a little run down of why you may not want pesticides in your home:

Your Health

In general, pesticides have been associated with a slew of human health hazards that range from short-term headaches to chronic endocrine disruptions, cancer and more. The more obvous dangers, like nerve, skin, and eye irritation and systemic poisoning – can also range from very minor (if even noticeable) to, in rare cases, fatal.

The Environment

Of course, we are will educated on the impact on our environment is well documented with chemical pesticides well known to be toxic to living organisms (since that’s what they’re supposed to be killing). On top of that they can pollute the air, and some types can travel and build up in our water systems and that’s just the beginning. The agricultural impact is also heavily implied since it harms beneficial insect species, soil microorganisms, and worms, which naturally limit pest populations and maintain soil health.

What Can I Do?

Keep the house clean, dry and crack-free

A clean house is an obvious point but keeping it dry will also help provide a less hospitable environment for pests and if you seal of their sneaky entrances that will lessen their chances of entry further!

Be Wary of Still Water

Still water that has remained there for a while can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria and mosquitoes. If you have pots and home wares that carry still water, be sure to change it regularly.

Store Wood Away From You

If you have firewood or similar materials, be sure to store them at least 3 meters away from your home as these tend to provide comfy homes for ants and similar pests.

Essential Oils Are Your Friend!

Lemongrass and Peppermint will really help deter the more determined insects that find their way indoors. Both of these oils have distinct smells that insects can’t stand. For the lemongrass; put about 20 drops in a spray bottle half a cup of water and they’ll help keep the mosquitoes, fruit, flies, ants and other nasties far away! Otherwise dab some peppermint oil on cotton balls or pads and put them in the popular hiding spots you tend to find insects. You can also add about 5 drops into a spray bottle with some water and spray it around the house as it’s shown to be effective with killing larvae as well as repelling living, buzzing insects. Pro tip: it can also help rid your garden of aphids!