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Time to Bust the Fallacy: Feminism is Not Just for Females

I think it’s time we open this can of worms; feminism (despite it’s name) is not just for females. I cannot even begin to count the amount of acquaintances or strangers alike, who have brought up these questions and statements whenever feminism is brought up, so let’s get to it:


If it’s all about equality why is it called feminism?

Well the term itself was first coined around the 1890s during the women’s marches where women were demanding to be treated equally. However as time has gone on, we as a society have evolved, we have realised that it was not only women but also men who were experiencing negative setbacks from the stereotypes, cultural and societal expectations of their gender. Biological females are expected to wear soft colours, be softly spoken and emotional wheres as biological males were expected to be hard, harsh and stoic to no end. Females were denied the opportunity to show their strengths and males were denied the opportunity to show their weakness, hence both parties never learned how to grow. So just like ‘awful’ originally meaning’ something worthy of awe’ and clue no longer referring to a ball of yarn, feminism has evolved from its original specificity to females and is now truly inclusive of all genders having equal rights.


Feminism just hate males

To be frank, this is called misandry and the people who are party of this group are commonly referred to as ‘feminazis’; people who go above and beyond logical reasoning and essentially wish for the entire male gender to suffer. Sadly, social media gives these people a louder voice which ends up being heard by others who then get scared off when they see these extremists. Don’t judge the majority based on the stupidity of the minority, where there is a common thought, there will always be people who take it to the extreme.


If you’re a feminist you must always side with the female

Well, no.

Like I said before, proper feminists are essentially those who view everyone as equal. Every gender will experience the same weaknesses as some point, be they emotions, mental or physical. So if you have a female arguing that the earth is flat against a male who is arguing the earth is round, no way in flat-earth hell am I backing her argument.

This is purely about logic guys, feminism isn’t about getting all girls to work on cars “just coz” this is acknowledging that some women are going to want to be mechanics, some men are going to want florists. Just let them be.

We’re all in this together.