Women’s Issues: Period Self-Care Tips

When that time of the month comes, your body would often react in many different ways – from headaches to cramps, constipations to diarrhea. While it is common for women to just ignore these symptoms, listening to your body’s needs is actually important in order to understand your menstrual cycle and natural processes, as well as to maintain your health. Applying self-care does not have to come with guilty feeling, especially when your organ is literally shedding away.

Here are a few ways you can take care of yourself during period:

Eat iron-rich food

Menstruation may cause iron deficiency for many women, as blood is shed from the body. This may make you feel weak, dizzy or lethargic. Combat this by consuming more iron-rich food, such as red meats, dark green leafy vegetables (e.g. spinach), beans, seafood, rice and potatoes.

Stay warm

Warm temperature can help you relax and relieve cramps. There are a lot of ways to keep warm: lie under your blankets, take a warm bath, drink hot herbal tea, using hot pads… pick your choice!

Light exercise

Period might make you want to avoid all kinds of exercises, but a light one can actually help soothe PMS and period aches. Furthermore, it can also increase your endorphins, keeping you happy and easing pain.

Proper nutrition

Craving for salty snacks or decadent desserts? Hold them back – while they might provide instant gratification, they also can lead to bloat and weight gain. Opt for healthier choices, such as nuts, fruits and vegetables.