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Society: Why Does Hollywood Have A Problem With Unfeminine Girls?

Buzzfeed has recently released an article addressing Hollywood’s issue with ‘masculine’ women.

Shannon Keating, a Buzzfeed News Reporter points out the romantic comedy clichés in all Hollywood films stating that “if a girl’s masculinity can’t be corrected with compulsory femininity, she’s a lost cause: the butt of a joke at best, something monstrous at worst. Queerness — which could encompass a character’s sexuality, or simply be signified by a deviant gender presentation — has been demonized throughout horror film history.”

These are usually done with the classic Makeover Montage scenes that movies have a habit of doing. Among these examples, Keating mentions Allison from the iconic John Hughes movie, The Breakfast Club where Molly Ringwald’s character transforms her fellow detention cellmate from a greasy “basket case” girl into a “pretty” superficial teenage girl.

Keating also addresses the rarity of featuring boyish girls in mainstream films and televisions, stating that “Boyish girls remain rather rare. When they do show up, their boyishness tends to be a problem to be corrected. Sometimes a tomboy’s masculinity is merely temporary, a costume to be put on and taken off — like with Andrea, played Alana Austin, in the Disney movie Motocrossed: she dresses up like her twin brother to race as him, inspiring the lesbian awakenings of so many ’90s kids. As with Amanda Bynes in She’s the Man, Motocrossed’s girl ends up safely femme and partnered with a boyfriend by the time the credits roll.”

There have been a few changes on our screens recently, with last year’s blockbuster “Mad Max” and their character “Furiosa”. But until heteronormativity improves by showcasing less girlier or superficially feminine straight characters, we still have a long way to go.

Source: Buzzfeed
Source: Buzzfeed